Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Umbrellas and Raincoats!


This monsoon splash color all around you with the help of attractive, bright and colorful umbrellas and raincoats. Gone are the days when the umbrellas used to be black, bulky and boring. You seem to be luckier than your grand-parents, isn't it? Now, you can select, from a whole range and variety, an umbrella or a raincoat to match your dress and be playful with colors.

Umbrellas are no longer just an utility item but they have evolved to be fashion accessories that do define your sense, taste and can become your fashion-statement.The umbrellas have become a fashion accessory.They are getting more and more experimental with their designs. There has also started a hoard among the masses to have more than one umbrella in their collection. Colors are getting brighter and bolder.
Bright, electrifying colors are trendy and always in vogue.
Go for electric pink, green, blue, red.
Pastel colors are also a hit.
Neon hues are quite a favorite.
Floral prints on umbrellas, wind-cheaters and rain-coats are always in demand.

Geometrical patterns, abstract designs, checks, strips, prints will all help you set your mood and enjoy the rain.
Kids have a whole lot of range to choose. They can select an umbrella with their favorite cartoon character printed on it. Cute animal or wildlife scenes are also a child's delight.

Hatrellas – umbrella shaped head gear are also a favorite among kids. Animal prints are make a high fashion statement. It's both bold and beautiful.

Hearts are also scattered all through the umbrella and raincoat to express your love when you are out on a date with your beloved!!

  • Polka dots are also a hot favorite.

  • Transparent and translucent plastic umbrellas will help you feel the rain falling on you without making you wet!!!

  • Laces and other embellishments on rainy-wear have made rainy-season more playful and colorful. They have added glamor, fun, and cheerfulness to otherwise troublesome season.

  • These umbrellas are easy to carry and can be folded enough to fit into your handbag. However, large umbrellas are also an emerging fashion accessory.

  • Umbrellas are available to suit every need. They protect to from rain as well as sun. An umbrella is also used as a protective means against the sun when it is shines bright. So you can always spend some extra money to shop for more than one umbrella and avoid monotony from creeping into your life!!

Note: While purchasing a raincoat for yourself be sure that you buy the one with belts.These belted ones will really make you look good

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