Saturday, 28 July 2012

Style Tips for diferent Face Shapes (part2)

style for round faces

Top Style Tips for Round Faces 
1. Keep earrings thin and long as otherwise they can add width to your cheeks.

2. Create the same streamline effect with long pendants and necklaces.

3. Wear V-necks, wrap styles, deep scoops and single-breasted jackets (which also create the deep V-shape) to keep the neck area open. These also help elongate your neck if it is short or, if you are petite, it will help give the illusion of height too.

4. Steer away from polo and crew necks.   


style for square shaped facesTop 5 Style Tips for Square Faces    1. Learn to soften features with feminine tricks. Don't go for angular jewellery; look for softer shapes to diffuse any harsh lines.

2. Avoid long, dangly earrings as these will make your jawline look even squarer.

3. Stay away from horizontal lines around your neck, such as polo or turtle necks.

4. Instead, go for lower necklines; a cowl neck is perfect as the draping folds of cloth will flatter any harsh lines from your jaw.

5. Waterfall collars and ruffle detail will help diffuse angular features.            

style for triangle face shapesTop Style Tips for Triangular Faces   1. Have fun with statement earrings, but get the shape right for perfect symmetry. Go for drop styles with details, width or shape at the bottom, so you are adding more width below your ears to balance a wide forehead.

2. You can carry off the popular 'bib' style or collar necklaces that sit high on your décolletage (chest area).

3. Add soft, feminine touches to your neck with pussy-bow blouses, waterfall collars and high ruffle necklines to create focus below your chin.

4. If that's too girly for you, wear a classic fitted shirt, but wear the collar open and add a sexy patterned neckerchief.

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