Monday, 23 July 2012

How to wear a Maxi Dress

Leslie Mann wears sandals with her breezy maxi dress.Hello!

A maxi dress can be the perfect way to beat the heat !
But , there are ways of wearing that too...find out here ;)

Give you maxi dress a casual vibe by adding flat shoes – especially cute sandals – with it. 

For the neatest look, make sure your dress doesn’t drag the floor (looks sloppy) but merely skims your heel.
Even if you think your feet won’t show under a maxi, remember that when you sit or walk, the shoes will definitely show. Embellished sandals add a fun, summery vibe to the look.
If you need the height of a heel, try a wedge sandal. It is substantial enough to keep the look more casual (where a stiletto is too dressy), but it gives your height a boost.

Francesca Ruth Fisher in print maxi dress.Not sure where to start with maxi dresses? Try a pretty floral print in a lightweight fabric for a fresh breezy look. Pair with soft hair and sandals and you're set.

Connie Britton in an ill-fitting maxi dress
Because of the long, flowing silhouette of the maxi dress, often the only fitted areas are the bust or waist. For that reason, you need to pay especially close attention to the top portion of the dress and demand perfect fit.

Unless you have spectacular breasts, opt for some support from a bra or it will drag down the entire look.
Also watch strapless maxis to make sure the bodice fits perfectly: too big and you'll gape open up top, too tight and you'll pop over the tops and sides.

Kelly Bensimon in maxi dress.Over-40 women can still wear a maxi, but the look should be sleek and chic. Halter necks are especially flattering on older women because they draw the attention up to the face. Skip flounces, funky boots or anything too youthful for the best maxi dress look over 40.

Cindy Barshop wears a flouncy maxi dress.
Ruffles, bows, hi-low hems, bell sleeves: all good fashion additions,  but not for a maxi dress. The maxi dress gets its drama from a long silhouette, and -- on some maxis -- a pretty print. That's really all a maxi dress needs to be successful so anything more is overkill and looks tacky.

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