Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting Rid of sweaty palms!


Sweating is a process that is healthy as well as disturbing at the same time! One has to sweat to keep body temperatures regulated; but excessive sweating can lead to discomfort and embarrassment. The medical term for excessive sweating of the palms is known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This ailment is rather uncommon among people.
People have sweaty palms if the movement of the sympathetic chain in their autonomic nervous system is very high. They are generally over stressed and to remain relaxed is a good way to avoid sweaty palms.
If sweaty palms are irritating you, here are some natural and medicinal remediesthat you can follow to get rid of over moist skin on your palms.

Natural Remedies
    • Hold regular teabags in your hands for about 15 minutes every day. This process helps to lock the pores on the hand and prevent further sweating.
    • Apply an antiperspirant on the palms before going to bed. Wash off with cold water in the morning. Dermatologists prescribe antiperspirants rich in aluminum hexahydrate and not normal deodorants to help prevent sweating of the palms. Also remember never to apply creams or lotions on the hand. Rather, use a baby powder or a normal talcum powder frequently throughout the day to help keep hands dry and free of sweat.
    • Carry a towel or hanky every time you step out of home so that you can wipe off the sweat that accumulates on the palms.
Medicinal Remedies
    • Practice yoga or other meditation techniques to keep the mind and body relaxed. Staying calm helps in preventing sweating of palms. Nervousness and tension are often the main reasons of moisture on the palms.
    • Try to avoid the use of antidepressants. These are medicines that lead to excessive sweating. Consult a general physician to find an alternative to antidepressants
    • Apply Drysol ointment on the palm. This ointment helps to dry up the sweat glands on the palm. But there are also reports of side effects in the form of red blotches on the skin surface on the application of Drysol.
    • Another form of medication in Iontopheresis where the hands are washed with electrolyte. The electrolyte reduces sweat production by the glands on the palms.
    • Botox treatment is also used to control the sweat production of glands on the palms. In this process, injections are used to block the sweat pores of the palms.However, botox is painful.

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