Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Frizzy Hair remedies!


If manageable hair is on your summer wish list, these expert tips and wonder products will have you looking polished in no time. Humidity, dehydration from the sun's rays and styling damage cause frizz.. Here, how to fight back!

Don't wash daily.

Skipping a day between shampoos allows your scalp's oils, which naturally hydrate and smooth, to build back up. "But frizz-prone types should condition every day," Atkin says. Apply conditioner from the middle of your hair to the ends (where moisture is needed most).


Squeeze Hair Dry 
Remove excess water with an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel and let hair air-dry, suggests Luke O'Connor, a stylist for Suave Professionals

Style and protect.

Styling products formulated to battle frizz do so by shielding hair from heated styling tools, says Cristophe, creator of the Cristophe Professional haircare line. If you have medium to thick hair, use a cream. Serums are better for fine or thin hair. Here are three to try.
The special polymers in this conditioner lock in moisture and repel dirt and oil so you can go longer between washes.

Sweat Secret 

Sweating along your scalp line can cause frizz. Dab away perspiration with a blotting tissue (the kind meant for your face) or use your blow dryer's cool setting to evaporate it.

Our  best at-home remedy to calm frizz?

Instead of using a brush, I switched to a wide-tooth comb.

I leave my conditioner on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. It takes a little extra time, but I hardly ever have flyaways.

A few drops of olive oil on my dry ends always seems to make a big difference.

In a pinch, I pump a small amount of body lotion into my hands and smooth it over my hair.


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