Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fashion Tights

We’ve always looked at tights as something you wear in a professional setting such as an office, or because tights kept you warm if you wore a skirt in the winter…but it’s a whole different story this time around.
Now, as most of you already know, tights are seen as a fashionable item. You can wear them over any kind of skirts, dresses, shorts, even long tees. They have transformed themselves from an “undergarment” to a must-have fashion item.

The newest fad this season will be the printed fashion tights. Printed fashion tights are very 60s inspired, but give your style a very modern look at the same time. They come in many different patterns from floral, to animal print, as well as different colors. When wearing print fashion tights, make sure the colors coordinate so you don’t end up looking tacky.

Fishnet tights are also a big hit. They give your outfit an edge! Wear fishnet tights with a tailored skirt suit and a pair of stilettos. It will be very classy, but very modern at the same time.


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