Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wide Leg Pants - the latest this summer


The 70s groovy hit, wide leg pants, are back and trending. . Today’s wide leg pants are sophisticated and glamorous. We all want to get in style but it is quite a struggle for us to figure out how to wear these pants because of our different body shapes and sizes. Here are some ways to rock wide leg pants.

An outfit is basically composed of the top, the bottom, the footwear, and the accessory. You cannot rock your wide leg pants if the other 3 components of your outfir are not present and if everything is not in harmony .

                                                         The right wide leg pants

  • This type of pants can suit everybody as long as you pick the right pair. The first step is knowing your body size.
  • If you are petite or if you have an average height, get WLP that not too wide so that it looks like you’re drowning in the pants. Also remember not to pick cropped pants as they can make you look shorter. Select ones that are the right length for you.
  • If you are tall and if you have wide hips, then you could go with those pants with “wider” legs. Wide leg pants that touch the floor also look best on you.
  • WLP come in different colors- you may want to tone down the bold colors and stick to the neutral palette as the pants are already attention. If you are a brave fashionista, then you might also want to choose pants with eye-catching colors and patterns.

                                                            The right pair of shoes

The best footwear for these pants, high heels, wedges or platforms- basically any shoes with heels. These shoes not only give you the extra height, but balance out the wide leg pants.


                                                                The right top

  • For petite and average height women, wear tops that are fitted and do not go beyond your waist/hip. This elongates your body and creates the illusion of a taller body.
  • For taller women, you can wear a bigger variety of tops as you already have the height. Tops that add volume, as well as blazers and jackets are suitable.
  • Tuck your top into your WLP so that the whole outfit would look harmonized and sophisticated. You might want to wear a polo shirt, corset, cropped tee or even a plain tee.

                                                               The accessory

  • Belts are a necessity when it comes to sporting your wide leg pants. They help you maintain your shape and avoid the bloated look.
  • Thin and colorful belts add an instant “pop” to these pants.
  • Other than belts, consider other accessories to add to these pants- think of floppy hats, headbands, big sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, and the like. Choose and embody a theme.

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