Monday, 14 May 2012

Choosing makeup!


Choosing the right makeup is an important job , but very time consuming. It can really rake up all your time. Well, let's try and do this a little quicker next time. Read on to know what's the most important to know while buying makeup for yourselves.

You can separate your cosmetics into three cantegories ,

  • Department store products
  • Mid- pricedproducts , they have a prestige feel to them
  • Drugstore products , like maybelline, revlon , loreal , etc.

Mascaras : You change the bottle every 3 months , so why buy an expensive one everytime when you know whats in there is the same with every brand.

Eye liner : Just mae sure , it goes smoothly and isn't dry or doesnt dry hafway while applying.

Lip Gloss : As long as it is smooth and shining , there's no problem in buying a lip gloss which is cheaper than your regular  one.

Nail Polish : They are the same , they won't laast too long until and unless you use a great top coat.

Trends  : Anything trendy about which you arent really sure whether it'll stay in your wardrobe for a long time or not, you should stay away from it. Like the yellow eyeshadow which was in trend last summer would definitely make you look like a lizard this season :p

Foundation : they are always very hard to select , especially matching the skin tone, well, you choose from a large variety at the prestige stores for almost all skin tones.

Eye Shadow : Go for the drugstore kind here, they contain more fine granules that tend to stay on you for a longer time.

Blush : Go for the prestige kind here, they are more easily handeles , chances of breaking apart with them here is less. Also , if you drop the drugstore kind, it's gone, but this one here, will manage :)

Blusher : Go for the drugstore kind , they are smoother and application is much easier.

Now you know how much to shell out where!

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