Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fashion Mistakes - Avoid them!


A lot of times we walk out of the house thinking that we look very trendy and up to date with fashion, but sometimes it may so happen that you are wrong. Fashion blunders do happen , they happen with celebrities, they happen to's alright! All we need to know are the things we should avoid to prevent a fashion disaster from happening :)

- Wrong colours. Know your skin and hair tone and what colours compliment you.

- Wrong size. Be honest when you shop. Wearing the right size clothes in good tailored fitting will make you look wonderful no matter what your size.

- Wrinkled clothes. Avoid looking like you haven't made the effort.

- Slave to fashion. Don't pick the trends up from the catwalks unless you are sure they will suit your bony shape and colouring.

- Wrong underwear. Wear good, well fitting underwear and don't show bra straps or slip hems.

- Too short skirts. They make it too easy to flash, keep your modesty intact.

- Too many colours. Lots of colours together confuse the eye, choose two or three.

- Too many accessories. Accessories can really make an outfit, but again don't overdo it.

- Unmatched shoes. Make sure your shoes match your outfit or stockings.

- Stuck in rut. Don't always stick to the one style of clothes, have some fun changing your wardrobe.

- Inappropriately dressed. Always dress for the occasion or wear functional clothes depending on the weather or season.

- Inappropriate make up. Day make up is lighter than evening and summer is lighter and more sunkissed than winter which is darker and matte.

- Scruffy shoes. The best outfit in the world can be ruined with scruffy shoes.

- Unmatched fabrics. Dress for the season, heavier knit for winter doesn't match with the lighter sheer summer fabrics.

- Uncoordinated wardrobe. Try to create a wardrobe of clothes you can mix and match so that you don't have to worry about putting outfits together.

- Same hairstyle. Update your hairstyle, don't get stuck in a rut.

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