Thursday, 17 May 2012

Try the Natural makeup look


Technically, a natural look would require makeup to not be there at all..but we still call it that because even though it is makeup that we are using, it's bare minimum in amount. You also need to know the right way to get this look and it's very helpful 'cuz you can carry this look everywhere without attracting too much attention..especially in places like your office . Try it out!

  •  Start out with a clean water-based foundation.  gently apply it all over the skin. Just  do a light coat. You don't want it to look caked on. Make sure you get around the nose and the top of the lip.
  •  Our next step is going to be to add a loose powder all over the skin. Give  a nice matte pallet to start with. And we are going to want to go with more of a light coloured blush .
  • We are going to try and stay soft and natural.
  • Make sure you get the apples of the cheeks, and go more with an earth tone eyeshadow.
  • Just put a small amount on your brush and gently cover the tops of the eyelids.
  •  And this time, I'm  go with two colors cause you do want to look more natural. So, use a soft white on top.
  • And to top this look off  use a light mascara. Not too much you don't want it to clump. .
  • Top this off we are going to do a natural lip gloss shiny look. Smudgeyour lips together .
  • And that is how to do makeup beautifully.

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