Monday, 14 May 2012

Tips for long and pretty nails


Nails are that part of your body that often get ignored. Well, ,look at them now, are they exactly how you want them to be ? We know it's not easy to always eat healthy, drink milk and follo the other nutritional tips for healthy , here we hae some OTHER tips for you, it's just like taking care of your skin. Not much work here,  just follow these steps ;)

Avoid clipping your nails , it makes them weak and brittle. It's better to file them down to whatever length you want them to be .

Buff you nails once a week . It's just like exfoliating your skin with a sctub, do the samw to your nails to get rid of the dead skin and yello-ness caused by nail paints. You nails will look much cleaner and also encourages your nails to grow .

Use a handcream or moisturising lotion everytime you wash your hands. You can also put a litttle extra of it on your nails and massage it till it diasappears.

Soak your hands in warm virgin olive oil or coconut oil , once or twice in a month. This will mkae your hands extra soft and nails less prone to breakage and peeling. The oil makes you nails more pliable and flexible, so they won't break or chip very easily.

Start taking calcium tablets, they are good fot the body , nails ans hair too!

Apply nail polish. Nails don't break so easily if they have a coat of nail polish on them. Use a top coat to make your nail polish last longer, so you won't have to use a nail polish remover too often.Nail polish remover makes you nails dry and brittle which are then more prone to breakage.

Follo these tips to get long and pretty nails...strong too! :)

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