Friday, 4 May 2012

Pretty nails, take care of 'em !

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We know that the ladies at are very trendy . Be it clothes , makeup , footwear , nails, they just don't miss the trend! ;) 

Prettying up is fun but hey, don't forget to take care of your body. Let's talk about nails today, we know you like them done up nicely in pretty colours and french manicures . But you know what , coating them with enamel too often can actually harm your nails. Just like your skin, nails are quite sensitive. Taking good care of them is very important .

Apart from applying nail paint , frequent wetting of nails can also cause them to get weak and start chipping off from the edges. Exposure to harsh chemicals, detergents, soaps is a major cause of weak and brittle nails . Using heating systems during winters causes the humidity level to drop , thus causing dry, weak nails. The heat in the summers can also harm the nails . Moisturising them regularly can help.

Weak and brittle nails can also be result of malnutrition or lack of adequate nutrients in your diet plan. Deficiency of iron, zinc , protien, folic acis can aresult in this condition.

Some effective home remedies for treating brittle nails are, consuming a healthy diet, application of moisturizer, use of gloves while handling strong cleaning solutions, and regular manicure and pedicure. A combination of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies is effective to maintain healthy fingernails.

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