Friday, 25 May 2012

Choosing the right evening wear!


Are you looking for that perfect evening dress for a special event but are overwhelmed by all the choices? Don’t let shopping for evening wear become daunting task; rather let these tips help you find the perfect dress for your occasion.

How formal is the event?
 LBD dresses and cocktail dresses are perfect for fancy evening functions. Long ball gowns are suitable for black-tie events. Once you know the formality of the function, it will make selecting the evening dress a whole lot easier.

What body parts do you want to enhance or hide?
Not all dresses work for all body types; if you want to draw attention away from your bottom, a figure hugging dress is not the way to go.
If you’re not sure what your best feature is, ask a friend or family member, or even a shop assistant.

What style dress do you like?
The most part of a dress is the color and style- they should compliment one another and the dress. Avoid choosing a dress that is in fashion this season, rather choose a classic piece. Here are a few styles:

Halter-neck Dresses this dress ties behind the neck and is perfect for ladies that want to draw attention to the top part of the body such as the shoulders, back, bust and face. T
his style will certainly detract attention away from the bottom half of the body like hips, butt and legs.

Cocktail dresses a little black dress (LBD) is the most popular type of cocktail dress as it can be worn to many occasions. LBD’s come in many different cuts, lengths and fabrics, strapless dresses are also quite popular. These dresses are easy to accessorize with a string of pearls, a pretty chain or row of beads.

Off the shoulder dressesthese dresses also attract attention to the upper half of the body and are very trendy at the moment. Accessorize this dress with a bold necklace or pair of chandelier earrings.

Two-piece outfits for those ladies that don’t feel comfortable in a one-piece dress, there is always the top and skirt outfit, or the option of wearing a stylish jacket over a dress.

The most important tip to choosing evening wear is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

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