Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunglasses! tips to choose the right one!

Sunglasses are one of those big fashion accessories that never go out of style. They are functional as they protect our eyes from the sun and of course they are also fashionable. There are many different styles, shapes, brands and size sunglasses to choose from that often we are left confused and not knowing which pair will suit us.

Consider these main factors when choosing sunglasses:

UV Protection:
One of the main purposes of sunglasses is obviously to protect your eyes but many sunglasses are made to be mainly fashion accessories and do not contain any UV protection. DO NOT buy these “fashion” sunglasses; rather look for a pair with the highest UV rating. Just because sunglasses have dark lenses does not necessarily mean they contain UV protection.

Tints are the sunglasses lenses colors that reduce the amount of light that gets into your eyes. With different tints, the brightness and glare you see will differ.
Gray tinted sunglasses reduce glare and darken colors we see, whereas yellows lens sharpen your sight.

Polarized or Non Polarized:
Polarized sunglasses limit glare on the road and water and are thus a popular choice for drivers or people that spend a lot of time near the sea.

Now that you’ve read the main factors to consider when choosing sunglasses, you will want to choose a pair that suits your face shape:

Round Face:
If you have this shape face, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses to give the illusion of a longer face. Choose dark colored sunglasses with straight or angular frames.

Square Face:
This face shape has a strong jaw line, and the aim is to soften the jaw line, so choose sunglasses with an upturned curved frame such as aviators or wrap styles.

Oval Face:
This is the most versatile face shape as it can wear almost any type of sunglasses.

Triangular Face:
This face shape has a wider forehead and narrow chin, so the best choice is oval frames with colored lenses or thin rimed; vertical lined sunglass frames.

Long Face:
This face shape looks best with sunglasses that cover a lot of the middle of the face. Do not go for large or square frames and bold colors.

Apart from face shape, sunglasses should also be chosen in proportion to nose size.
  • If you have a large nose chose large frames to balance it out.
  •  If you have a while short nose choose sunglasses in a light color with a high nose bridge.
  •  If you have a long nose, sunglasses with high sidebars and a double nose bridge will suit you.

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