Monday, 7 May 2012

10 minutes for the perfect smokey eyes!

Hello !

Smokey eyes have been a trend for quite sometime now, and it's a perfect look to adopt for a night party or a club night . The eyes give you a sensuous look and a perfect appearance for a social gatherings happening at night.  But a lot of us have not tried this look even though we really want to. Well, here are a few tips , it won't take much of your time, only 10 minutes ! 

The key to get smokey eyes is getting the perfect blending of colours. It's important to pair light base colours wiith rich dark colours flawlessly . Nice mixes include: Soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue.

What you need :

  • Eye primer
  • 2 Shadows: One light, one darker
  • Eyeliner
  • Makeup brushes
  • Mascara

  • Follow these steps !

    Eye lids :  Wipe a primer across your eye lids and let it dry. This is done to keep your eye shadow from melting in the crease of your eyes as time passes . It will keep your eye shadow in place.

    Eye liner :  If you're going for black smokey eyes, apply black eyeliner, and if you want a bluish eyes, go for a violet eye liner. Make sure you do it neatly and thick in the midle of the eye.

    Bottom Lashes : Apply an eye pencil on the bottom line of your eye, and smudge it with your fingers for an effect . You can also use a shadow for a more exaggerated  look .

    Apply Light Base Colour :  Sweep a light base shimmery shadow on your eye lids till your brow bone . The key here is to pair a light base colour with a darker one.

    Blend in darker colour, but below the crease :  Get a darker eye shadow shade. Using an eyebrow brush , start blending from your lash line, going upwards. Make sure you're blending on the lashline, so the eye liner disappears . Stop the deep colour before the crease!

    Double check : Make sure the colours match and  correct if they do not match!

    Coats of  Mascara :  Apply mascara so that the lashes are thick and dark  Curl them with a lash culer first .


    • Remember to keep your lips nude .
    • Eye liners do not necessarily have to be pencils or liquid, you can so it with eye shadows too !

    Try this amazing look , it sure is fun AND takes onyly 10 minutes!

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