Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Different ways to wear a Belt!


Belts are the perfect way to introduce a chic pop of colour, texture or bling to any outfit . This is an item that can really accesorize your outfit in the most classy way. Thin or wide, basic or bejewelled, a belt is the easiest way to update your look ...find out more on this ...

Where to wear it ..

These belts were traditionaly worn at the waist to accentuate the area by pulling in the waist . Butnow, it;s being worn all over the torso , from just under the bust to the lowest waist area...and not just to pull in the waist , but to add style to your outfit.

Wide Belts

Wearing a wide belt around the slimmest part of  your torso can really accentuate your curves and add to the slimming.
Thick belts create the most dramatic, waist-narrowing looks since they brace your body in a corset-like fashion. Look for sturdy or stretchy materials such as solid and woven leathers, reinforced layers of satin, and thick, wide elastic bands that can comfortably resist all the bending and sitting you're likely to do over the course of a day.
If you want to stand out, get creative and fashion yourself a belt out of unconventional materials. Belts can be made out of a variety of innovative fabrics and closures. Mix it up by swapping buckles for bows, hooks and snaps, and trade the usual leather wrap-around for stretchy elastics, menswear-inspired cummerbunds, kimono-inspired silky obi sashes, and bands of fabric.

Skinny Belt

Skinny belts are often fabricated out of barely-there strips of leather, chain links and rope. And because skinny belts are so slim, you can go for a splash of colour or a shimmering metallic finish without dominating the outfit.
Remember to keep in mind your body's proportions when choosing a belt; an ultra slinky skinny belt might visually add weight to a plus sized woman, whereas a slightly thicker medium width belt will produce a more balanced skinny-belt look.

Belt at the Waist

Tightly fastened, bellybutton grazing belts are the by far the most popular way to rock the belt this season:
  • Wear a thick or thin waist-level belt with a pair of high waisted trousers, belted over a naughty secretary pencil skirt, or cinched over a simple shift dress.
  • Tie together separates – tops, sweaters, skirts, trousers or jeans – by wearing a waist-hugging thick or thin belt over light layers for a more refined look.
  • Give definition to day dresses by nipping them in with textured, woven, cut-out or plaited medium and thick belts.
  • Amp up the allure of a curve-flattering sheath dress with a patent leather belt or a decorative belt studded with crystals, rhinestones, gemstones, sequins, and metallic finishes.
  • Accentuate your curves and add sharp focus to tailored jackets and structured shirts by looping your waist with a belt.

Empire Waist Belt (Below the Bust)

Belts worn just below the bust line enhance the bosom and should be slight, skinny and simple. Look for thin belts in contrasting colors made from patent leather, alligator, suede, or a daintily bow-tied ribbon. Unless your garment already has empire height belt loops – and since gravity will want to bring your belt down past your thinner natural waist – you'll need discretely stitch loose loops into its outer seams.

Belt at the Hips

Low-slung belts draw the eye to more womanly curves: the hips. The most relaxed and casual mode of wearing a belt, hip-hugging belts do wonders for tunics, casual shift dresses, trendy low-rise jeans and boho skirts, adding a ring of color and a finishing touch of flair and personality to the outfit.

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