Friday, 18 May 2012

Party Wear Dress styles


We know it can get quite tough selecting a dress for your most awaited parrty, and why not , u gottta look good and it takes efforts and time to do that. Worry not ladies, we have a few dress styles for you to wear to that party of yours ;)

1. Halter Neck Style
Be it a dress, a gown or a top, a ‘Halter Neck’ style looks great if you have a long neck, good looking shoulders. Make sure you indulge in a good body scrub and moisturizer before donning a Halter Neck dress!
Wear it with long dangling ear rings since a halter neck prevents a necklace.

 2. Black Cocktail DressA must have look for very lady ! Options are many but nothing can beat the sex appeal and charm exuded by a classic black knee length cocktail dress. Hair set well or done up in a high bun and some bling. You are ready to rule the world!

 3. Stand Up Collar DressThis is an evergreen classic look that can never go wrong. This has a very retro stylish look to it. Accessorize it with a smart belt worn high up or at a normal waist level. Minimal make up and hair style adds further class to this evergreen silhouette.

 4. Sheath DressWear this if you are confident and at ease with your body. This is usually figure hugging and made out of thin fabric like silk and cotton. It’s a hot favorite with those who want to show off a great figure!

 5. Jacket Dress
When you want more coverage and don't want to fuss with a wrap, the jacket dress is a great option. The matching dress and jacket is perfect for mother of the bride looks, anniversary parties and wedding guests. Keep the fabrics shiny and luxe, not stiff or heavy, so the overall look is beautiful. Shorter or bolero jackets pair nicely with long gowns; dusters go best with dressy pants. 


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