Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lipsticks and lip gloss , how to pick ?

Hello ! We know choosing a lipstick colour is the most difficult job ever! Well, here's making it a little easy. The best way to choose the right shade is by trying on lipsticks with no makeup on your face at all ! This has been the best trick in thehistory of choosing lipsticks :)

The most flattering shade would be one or two shades darker than the natural shade of your lips. For picking the right shade of red,  firstly , BELIEVE that u CAN wear a red lipstick . It;s not that difficult to carry it off. Picking the right shade for your skin tone is very important ,though.

Pink skinned girls should opt for cherry red, those with olive skin can wear fire-engine red. Dark skin looks great with deep reds.  It's best not to match lips to your outfit.

If you hate the red lipstick you just bought, don't worry , here's away to try and make it work for you. If the shade is too bright, try and blend it in with the darker shades of lipstick that u already have with you.
Don't outline your lips with a red lip liner, instrad, blend it in , apply it before you put the lipstick. This would help the lpstick stay and not wear off so quickly.

Now , we turn to our lip glosses. Red lips do not need a lip gloss as you will already be attracting a lot of attention to your lips, adding a gloss would just ruin it all . But , you can use glosses with other softer are a few tips to wearing a gloss the right way.

Apply a llittle bit of your gloss in the middle of your lips. Do not smother it all over , as it would make your lips look heavy. Put it in the middle and spread it evenly with your lips. The gloss in the middle would accentuate your lips even more as more light will be reflected off that area , because of the gloss shining on your lips.

If you still feel your lips have a bit too much of  gloss, take a paper napkin in between your lips and press them together. All of the extra gloss would go away , leaving a perfect shine on you r lovely lips =)

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