Sunday, 6 May 2012

Red lips ! how to get them right.

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Red lips is a classic, never goes out of style ! You can varry it off in any season, any occasion , but remeber to wear it the right way .  There have been many disasters with the much loved red lipstick chic look. Well here are some tips for you to get those amazing RED lips , the right way. Don't worry, don'be shy away from looking bold. This look would only add confidence to your personality and it's sensous too ;)

Get it right with your face.
Make sure you go light on the blush and the eye makeup . Avoid eye liners and too much kohl . Just apply some mascara , more ont he lower eve lashes to make your eyes pop. dust your face with powder and soft blush.

Line your lips.
Fill in your lips with a lip liner first to avoid bleeding of the red lipstick which tends to happen more often as compared to other lipsticks. The filling in would help it stay in one place.

Pick the right colour.
If you have a pink skin tone, you should go in with plum shades in red and if your skin tone is a little yellowish , you should opt for warmer shades of red which hava a brown base .

Dont paint your nails in red.
Avoid the clashing! A lighter shade or a neutral colour would look noce, But if you still want to go witha  red, make sure you choose the same exact shade as that of your lipstick.

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