Monday, 7 May 2012

Long skirts - Go colourful this summer


Simple long cotton skirts are not only comfortable but also are quite trendy in their bright colours and designs . Those who love the ethnic look and have gotten bored of wearing salwar kurtis and ethnic tops, here's a nice , refreshing change for you . You can get long skirts in a lot of diferent cloth material like crepe , chiffon,  but cotton is the most popular hit . They also come in the rap around style which gives u a perfect fit around the hips and accentuates your curves.

If you are bored with pastel colours, you can try them on with real Indian colours and team up your skirts with Indian or western tops, halter tops, spaghettis etc. This look ill definitely give a change to your regular wardrobe ! Yoou can also match up a nice pair of earrings and leave our hair open for a relaxed, casual summer look.

Long cotton skirts , you will see, not only come in the usual 3 or 4 colours but also are available in various designs and prints which are created through some techniques . Tie and die technique from rajasthan is quite poplar and looks as if the cloth has been printed. This product here, is a must have for your wardrobe . We have a range of skirts with us, ethnic style , in different lenghts, You  might wanna take a look .

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