Friday, 25 May 2012

9 ways to dress up a white t-shirt !


A white t-shirt is a wardrobe essential as it goes with so many different outfits and can be worn with any color pants, jeans, skirt or shorts. Here are a few different ways to dress up a plain white t-shirt:

1. Add Layers
You might be surprised how much of a difference a colored tank top can make to dressing up a boring white t-shirt, so give it a try!

2. Turn It Into A Night-Time Look
If you are getting ready to head out to a party or some other social event, you might want to think about dressing up your white t-shirt with a sequin mini skirt in a color that will compliment you best.
white t-shirt and layers outfit
white t-shirt night time outfit

3. Make It Look Smart
If you are scheduled for a job interview, it will be important to make a good first impression by avoiding the cliché of a plain shirt. Simply add a stylish blazer over it.

4. Add A High Waist
These days it’s all about raising the height of your waist, so make a point of wearing a high waist skirt or pants with your plain tee once in a while.
white t-shirt smart oufit
white t-shirt and high waist skirt

5. Put A Vest Over It
You will find that a simple vest can easily transform even the most boring outfit, including a white t-shirt. A furry or denim vest will definitely add some oomph to your shirt.

6. Put On A Belt
Belts are another good way to dress up your appearance if you feel like a white-shirt and jeans just aren’t enough.
white t-shirt and vest outfit
white t-shirt and waist belt outfit

7. Arts And Crafts
One great way to dress up your white t-shirt is to get out some sparkly glitter glue, tie dye or a craft of your choice. It’s guaranteed that you won’t look boring after that, and no-one will have the exact same t-shirt as you.

8. Cut The Sleeves Off
Yet another way of transforming your white t-shirt is cut off the sleeves and turn it into a tank top.

9. Add Jewelry
Nothing dresses up a plain top like a nice necklace- choose a string of beads, a simple pendant necklace or a long chunky necklace.
white t-shirt and cut off sleeves outfit
white t-shirt and statement necklace outfit

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