Thursday, 17 May 2012

Right makeup colours for your eye!


Drawing attention to your eye color means choosing makeup colors to compliment your eyes. Attracting attention to your eyes can bring in confidencr to your look and personality. Know the right colours for your eye!
  •  If you have a deep brown eye color, dark hair, more of a fair skin complexion start out with a grayish color on the bottom of the lid.
  •  Start at the corner and work your way out to the end, and this gray almost has a shimmer to it on the eyelid. It looks great with brown eyes. Make sure to cover your entire eyelid, and make sure it's well-blended.
  • Next,use a  yellow light canary yellow. Believe it or not it helps to make brown eyes pop.   add that into the center. Maybe raise it a little higher than normal into the brow area, so when you do blend it looks natural.
  •  And along the top, to add this off white color right along the brow. This always opens up the eyes. Do nice soft strokes all the way to the end.
  •   Add a light eyeliner to this look because for your beautiful brown eyes. We do want to show them off. Go ahead and close them.
  •  Start at the tip of the top eyelid from the outside, small strokes all the way to the center. This will help to make the lashes also look thicker when you apply your mascara.
  •    Leave the bottom lid without eyeliner, and go ahead and apply a coat of mascara,
  •   And there you go, beautiful brown eyes.
  • That is how to apply eye makeup for your specific eye color.


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