Friday, 18 May 2012

Eyeliner tips!


Eyeliner can do things you wouldn't have ever imagined they could. They get attention to your eyes and your beautiful face. You do listen to so many sings that talk about how beautiful a girl's eyes are ...let's pretty them up a bit more..know how to put eyelliner the right way . The eyeliner works wonders on brown eyes, but the black liner is perfect for all eyes, really.

  • First things first, get done with all that you want to with your eyes. Then apply the eyeliner. Eyeliner should be the last thing you should apply on your eyes.
  •  Eyeliner requires a steady hand, and if your hands shake, it'll distort the shape. Do not keep blinking your eyes too.
  •  apply it as closer as possible to the base. Think about it, the line wouldn't look nice if there is a skin-show between the eyeliner and eye-lash.  However, don't just immerse it into your eyes as it may cause irritation.
  • Applying eyeliner to lower lid can be tricky, and comes only with practice.  start from the outer corner, moving towards the inner corner. This would not only prevent irritation, but will help prevent shaking of hands too.

Eyeliner Tips to Keep in Mind
Take a whack of some cool eyeliner tips and tricks for brown eyes which are to follow below:
  • Black-Magic-Woman: The best colors for brown eyes are the  shades of Black and Brown. Other shades, often towards the glittery side, are golden and silver. They are used for popping small eyes out.
  • No thicks, only thins: Do not apply thick line on your eyes. Come on, they're such an old-hat! Instead, apply an elongated line of black or brown, ending in a slight curve. This will make your eyes look bigger and in shape.
  • Smoky effect is oh-so-in!: If lining seems boring to you, smudge the application in such a way that it produces a smoky effect on your eyes. You could do the same to your lower lid. However, remember, you should use this effect for smokey eyes only for the night, as smoky effect in the daytime looks too overdone, and is a strict no-no.
  • Play with colors: Think out-of-the-box! You could experiment with a number of colors other than black and brown. Shades of green, blue, and even yellow are an amazing choice for brown eyes. You could merge them with black by applying double coats as it'll look extremely sexy, thereby, making your eyes look bigger and funky!
  • The easy way out: liquid eyeliner styles are way more in number in comparison to pencils, and look too dramatic. However, if you prefer pencil eyeliners ,you can apply them as per your convenience. They do not splash, and can be sharpened time and again.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Sistah!): If you're  not much fond of dramatizing or experimenting  apply a simple, but proper lining of black or brown eyeliner on eyelids that are already embellished with a slightly shimmery brown or golden. , apply three to four thick coatings of mascara to add volume to your eyelids. This is going to set the stage ablaze, as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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