Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fashion Trend Resolutions!


We all folow fashion trends, well sometimes a trend is followed for too long . What we don't realise is the right time to drop it. You might like a trend a lot but when it's not the time, it's simply not the time to let it be on you. Let it go! Here are some fashion trends that you can keep while the others....drop them!

Trend to Follow : Red
Make like the classic Hollywood screen sirens and wear candy apple red frocks with matching lipstick. Dress to kill is the motto!

Trend to Drop : Orange
 From twists of tangerine accessories to fiery, burnt orange colours, this hue has been hitherto unapologetically at the top of many stars’ style agendas.

Trend to Follow : Maxis & Minis
It’s all about extremes now, so pick north or south.
Trend to Drop : Midi Skirts
Suffice to say that even though calf-length skirts DON’T suit everyone, we’ve all been wearing them. The champion style has been block-coloured, pleated midis – will you keep or delete yours?

Trend to Follow : Overstated Baroque
 This trend is really easy to understand – it’s all about luxe, lavishly embroidered fabrics and outfits compiled with a sense of aristocratic propriety. If in doubt, go forth with extra bling, higher heels and a metallic brocade mini.

Trend to Drop : Suspenders
 Last year, we all dared to bare our thighs in a cheeky bid to look like little mistresses. Well, enough now, ladies – it’s time to show off those pins in a sweeter way.

Trend to Follow : Oversized Hats
Some of the best fashion trends are not born of the catwalk; instead, our favourite celebs and the stylistas on the streets champion an accessory that sets the Western world alight. Cue the oversized trilby, the 70s floppy hat and the off-beat boater. We hope the hat is here to stay.
Trend to Drop : Stars
As we welcome Big Bird yellow to our look, it’s au revoir to sequinned stars and astrological prints. DO keep them at the back of your wardrobe though, as stars will always make a comeback ;)


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