Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Look taller! Fashion techniques !


We know that all of us are not as tall as we want to be, i'm not tall at all..but hey , let's not feel bad about that! ive got some great fashion techniques to look taller than our actual height . There's nothing wrong or bad about being petite but you know what , looking tall sometimes won't harm ;) So let's learn a little ! :D

Strategy # 1 :  Keep your posture straight.Not only will you look tall , you will also appear more alert and engaged. Sit up straight,  you will be perceived as a more confident person.

Strategy # 2 :  Wear high heel . HIgher the heels, taller you look. But make sure that you're able to walk gracefully in them. If you wear heels that are taller than what you can handle , you will appear very awkward and that is what people are gonna noticce, rather than your height..If high, pencil heels are not working for you, try on some wedges or platform heels with a height. They will give you the required lift.

Strategy # 3 : Style your hair in a way that has a little height or fullness around the crown. You don't need to spread your hair the BIG way but avoid flat or smooth hair tops. Puffs is a good option.

Strategy # 4 :  USe colour to enhance the illusion of height. Dressing all in one colour creates a vertival look and makes you look taller. This trick worls best with dark olours like black or navy blue.
Or if you don't wanna go with a single colour look, you have an option of matching your shoes with the colour of what you are wearing on your legs.
This trick works successfully with neutral colours like tan , fawn, grey, brown.

Strategy # 5 : Avoid horizontal lines and try to create vertical lones with your clothing and accessories. vertical lines make short women look thinner and taller, and horizontal lines work the opposite way. vertical lines in seam lines, designs in prints, stripes, trims etc will all be slimming and will make you look taller.
Stay away from horizontal lines on garments, chokers and ankle straps, or you can do something to dimish their efffect!

Strategy # 6 : Wear clothes with V-necklines. They tend to creat a vertical illusion, draws attention to the face, thus making the wearer look taller!

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