Monday, 28 May 2012

Get a fringe according to your face shape


A fringe is a great way to get a fresh new look without changing your entire hairstyle. . Not everyone wants a drastic new look, but if you want to tweak your current hairstyle just a bit, then a new fringe hairstyle is for you.

Fringe hairstyles can range from a full fringe look or you can get a subtle look with fringe by adding in pieces that blend in with your layers like the look below.

The most important consideration in choosing a fringe hairstyle for your face shape is to know what face shape category you fit into.

Hair Fringe Hairstyles

Round Face Shape

Fringe on a round face shape should be angled with varying layers. Find a fringe hairstyle with angled pieces which will offset the roundness of your face. Angled fringe with varying lengths in the layers within the fringe is a great hairstyle option because it will also counterbalance the roundness of your face.
Long Hair with Fringe






Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces look best with full fringe. If you have a heart-shaped face you are wider through the forehead and narrower through the chin. A full fringe hairstyle that is shorter in the middle and longer towards the sides is perfect for heart-shaped faces to balance the face shape.

Side Fringe Hairstyles




Square Face Shape

Square face fringe should be side swept to soften a strong jaw line. Side swept fringe is perfect for softening the stronger, more dramatic, facial features found on those of you with square face shapes. Try a side swept fringe hairstyle with soft layers around your face to soften your look even more.

Oval Face Shape
Halle Berry has an oval face and looks best with fringe
Considered the ideal face shape,oval faces can wear any type of fringe hairstyle. Oval faces are the most ideal face shape because you can pull off virtually any fringe hairstyle. Lucky you! You can choose any type of fringe hairstyle that you like.
Keep your fringe hairstyle looking fresh by getting regular trims. Your fringe should be trimmed about every four weeks to keep your fringe hairstyle looking its best.

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