Thursday, 24 May 2012

4 ways to keep your hair smelling good !


Who doesn’t love a whiff of something sweet every time you shake your hair or flip it over your shoulder?  read on for four ways to keep your locks scented without being overpowering.

  • Spritz a little perfume onto the  ends, just a light mist from the ear down. Every time you flip or shake your hair a little bit of your scent will catch the air!
  • Another great trick is to spray some on to your hair brush and comb through.

Scented hair products
  • It may seem obvious, but the most effective way to get your hair smelling fresh is to skip on unscented products. Dry shampoo is a great way to remedy this, especially on second day hair when you don’t wash it.
  • Hair sprays are another quintessential scented product. For a final touch, spray a little scented hair spray on the body of your hair to retain volume or on the crown to smooth fly away hairs. Finishing off with a hair spray will lock in scent for hours.

Scented shampoo and conditioner
  • For an all-day scent, you have to start at the root. Using a scented shampoo and conditioner, preferably the same scent, will really allow the scent to sink into your hair.
  • Moroccan Oil, Ojon, or Herbal Essences products are great – they smell fresh and delicious without being empowering, and the scent lasts all day!

Keep the heat to a minimum
  • One way to zap scent and moisture in one blow? Using products that will overheat or damage your hair.
  • A great alternative is to add some heat protection product onto your locks before you style or blow dry.
  • Heat activated products often come heavily scented, and the scent amplifies with heat and will have your hair smelling great all day.

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