Monday, 14 May 2012

Makeup tips - the favourite of all!


Here are some makeup tips for you ladies which are a favourite of a lot of makeup artists, you must have seen them a lot in magazines too but never really paid that mucg attention to it. Take a look at them now, and try them out. They do definitely work!

If you dont want length on your bottom lashes, apply gel eye liner on them , instead of a mascara.

Use some loose powder with a brush on your under-eyes when applying a dark eyeshadow , to avoid spoiling of your base makeup . The loose powder can be brushed away easily , later.

Your eyes often start watering while applying mascara or an eyeliner but you don't want that cuz it spils all the effort! just press an ear bud very very gently on your tear ducts, this will absorb the tears immediately :)

If you want to colour your lashes and curl them at the same time, start applying from the roots and roll inward till there is an even coat till the tips.

To figure out your natural blush shade, squeeze you finger tp , a little above the line, the blood rushes to the tip and the shade then seen is the shade of the blush that will look the most natural on you.

Hope these will be helpful !  :)


  1. It was interesting reading your tips on how gel eyeliner can help you manipulate the length of eyelashes easier than mascara. Good read.