Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tricks for a quick makeup!

Hello !

Well, we know we have our bad hair days, our bad skin days and there are some days when we just cant seem to get our makeup right! Aah ! quite irritating, i agree...and here we have a few makeup tricks for you. They are easy , fun and very very less time consuming . Try them out, you will love it :)

  • To hide the zits and blemisheson your face, use a natural skin tone eye pencil and then apply foundation of your skin tone, You will see them vanishsing ! ;)

  • If you favourite lipstick is about to finish and is just not applyable ..yet you dont wanna throw it away , here's a way to optimmally  utilise it . Take a containner of petroleum jelly and put your leftover lipstick in it . Here's your favourite colour lip gloss !

  • If you have dry lips, wear long lasting lipsticks cuz they have a noisturiser in it and also doent wear off that quickly.

  • If you've accidently got a darker shade of foundation, don't worry about throwing it away. Just add a little moisturiser to it and it'll become lighter.

  • If your hair has become greasy, dabb some translucent powder to your roots and brush your hair smoothly . The greasy-ness will reduce!

  • If you want gorgeous nails instantly , remove the nail paint off  them and clean your nails thoroughly, also from the inside.You can use lemon for this purpose . And now put a lot of handlotion or lip balm on the cuticles to push them back and get some moisture .

  • Tired of frizzy hair ? dampen your hands with water and some hand lotion and pull your hair in a french twist . You will see they are much more calm now!

  • Before making the tip of your eye liner, keep it in the fridge for sometime and then make the tip. You will see the difference :)

We hope these tricks will help you when you have no time to spend on prettying yourselves up! they do come in handy ;)

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