Friday, 25 May 2012

Bralet : the new fashion piece in town !


There's a new fashion piece in town that everyone's  dying to wear, celebs have been seen sporting this trend on the Red Carpet and it has been showcased in many fashion designers collections, it is none other than the Bralet.

What are they?

These underwear-like garments are actually outerwear and are a combination of a bra and a corset (hence the name bra-let).
           turquoise lace braletcolorful floral zip up bralet

  • They are available in faux leather, cotton, denim, floral print, studded, sequins and many other varieties.

          denim zip-up braletblack faux leather studded bralet

How To Wear Them

  • How you wear your bralet depends on how much tummy you want to show.
  • If you want to cover up your midriff, wear a high waist shorts, skirt or pants that cover the tummy up and meet up where the bralet ends.
how to wear a bralet showing no skin 

  • If you want to show some skin, wear a pair of shorts, pants or skirt that sits on your hips so that your toned tummy shows above your bottoms.
how to wear a bralet showing skin

How To Accessorize Them

A bralet is so versatile that it can be taken from a day to night look by just changing your accessories.

  • During the day, wear it with flat boots, ballet flats or sandals, a chunky bracelet or necklace, sunglasses and an oversized handbag.
bralet day outfit

  • At night swop the day shoes for high heels, a sparkly necklace or earrings, a clutch handbag and makeup.
bralet night outfit

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