Monday, 28 May 2012

Nail colour trends

Every year yields new fashion trends, from tops and pants to shoes and handbags, many fashion pieces become stylish and the next season are nowhere to be seen, but often nail polish trends are disregarded.

In the last few months of 2011, neon nail polish was all the range (how could we forget those neon bright fingertips), but now in 2012 nail polish trends are turning to nude and beige shades. Choose simple, elegant, soft and colourless shades in beige yellow and pink. Think of that pinky-beige color used in French Manicures.

                                           2012 nude nail polish trend

  • 2012 is all about showing off your natural nails. Look for polishes that have creamy undertones and are closer to your natural tone, you want your nails to look really shiny, smooth and also you want them to stand out.
          2012 nude nail polishlight orange nude nail polish 2012

  • =Considering all these simple plain light colors, it seems like milky pink nails are going to be really big this year. Milky pink gives your nails a very feminine, girly look. On the other hand, creamy shades of grey, white, pale pink and soft beige look refreshing on fingers, contrasting against the many printed clothing and accessories.
        nude light pink nails 2012 nail trendlight pink nails

  • For those of you interested in the soft pink shades, you should know that they flatter literally any skin tone. It can slightly cover the imperfections in your nails.
  • Zero shimmer and high-gloss that remains on your nails for quite a long time is the speciality of these soft pink nail polishes.

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