Friday, 18 May 2012

Makeup finishes for different looks


Here are some different ways you can finish your makeup, give yourself a new touch.

Matte is best for creating a natural no-make up look and is the best finish for midtone shades because of its natural appearance. It usually contains a higher level of colour pigment and works really well for reshaping.

Shimmer shadows offer great, sheer coverage so that when you sweep on the colour, you can still see the skin underneath. Shimmer shadows have a subtle sheen and give a hint of sparkle. They typically won’t collect in fine lines, which make them a perfect choice for mature skin. Light shimmer shadows work great on the eyelid. Dark shimmer shadows are great for adding drama without being as harsh as deep- tone matte shades.

Frost shadows give much more opaque coverage and feature a white or silver sparkle. They usually come in fun, light pastel shades that work best on younger skin. Frosted shadows can easily sink into wrinkles and therefore do not work as well on mature skin.

Satin falls perfectly in between matte and shimmer. It’s shinier than matte, but not nearly as shiny as a shimmer. A satin finish works well on all skin types, including mature skin.

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