Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Choose the right clothes for your Body Type!


We know we're pretty, but hey we also know there are some parts of our body that we might want to hide, you know, 'cuz of many reasons ;) heavy thighs, pudgy tummy , too round a bottom..don't worry ladies, follow these tips and get to know whats right to wear for your body type !

Bottom Heavy:
If you have hips wider than your shoulders, then you have the classic pear shaped body , you just need to accentuate your curves, the little waist and delicate shoulders and neck.

What to wear : (bottom heavy)
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes .
  • Go for A-line skirts that end at the knees, avoid mini skirts as they accentuate thighsand attract attention to unwanted problem areas.
  • Pant waist should be lower than usual . Straight cut or boot leg would work the best.
  • Shorts can be tricky , but if you really wanna wear them , go for the loose ones.

  • Go for fitted and not skin tight tshirts, avoid the loose ones too , they tend to make you look huge all over.V-necks , turtle necks and open collars are the best options, they attract attention to your face, which is a good thing :)
  • Wear ajckets or blazers with open buttons and they should end at the widest point of your hips.

Top Heavy :
If you have heavy breasts, softer waist , narrow hips and slimmer legs, you have the perfect apple shaped body. Make the most of it, show off your legs and cleavage ;)

What to wear : (top heavy)

  • Avoid too tight tops, avoid the baggy ones too , they make you look even bigger.
  • Go for open collars, boat necks and v-necks.
  • Avoid full sleeves or puffy sleeves!

  • Wear an a-line skirt , will give you an hour glass shaped look.
  • Go for flat front, never pleated, low waist than natural pants.
  • Wear jeans with pockets in the front and back ,they tend to disguise the tummy problem and makes your bottom look rounder.
  • Avoid anything too tight, skin tight jeans or pencil skirts are a definite no-no for you.
  • Play up nice legs with shorter skirts.

Body Basics for every figure :

  • Wear colours that look good on you, not sure what they are, take a friend to the mall and hold colours against you, see what looks good. Here are some colours that suit every complexion , Blue , white, pink, black. You will just have to alter intensities of these colours. Hot pinks look nice on darker complexions, carnations on fairer, and white on olive skin types.

  • Avoid high waisted pleated pants with narrow ankle openings.

  • Concentrate on what flatters your figure, add up to date shoes and the right handbag and other accessories  ,later.

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