Friday, 4 May 2012

Perfumes : Diffiicult to choose! Here's making the job easy !

A perfume is that part of a woman that emulates her personality traits. Every woman must have her selection of scents that go with her personality and bring an energised aura to her beauty. True , the fragrances have become a fashion trend with so nmany brands coming in the market , cleeberity launches , but one must never get  carried away with the brand . You should always decide what YOU like, what goes best with YOUR personality . Getting swayed away with a  brand name is never   a wise decision in this case.
The function of a fragrance  now  is not only limited to maintainig a level of freshness in the body but it also attracts the opposite sex! The tips below are a guide to emmiting a beautiful odour and remaining cool and fresh through out the summer day.

First things first, you need to know the different kinds of fragrances :

  • Citrus :  Most of this kind of fragrances are made out of peels of cutrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and it lends a certain amount of freshness.
  • Floral :  One of the most popular kinds, this includes the fragrance of flowers such as lavender,rose, jasmine, lily.
  • Oriental : The oriental fragrance is a blend of aromatic spices, flowers and woody components that are a tease to your senses.
  • Fougere : This type of scent is a mix of different aromatic herbs and fresh mossy ferns that represent a modern chic woman.
  • Green  : The green perfume is ideal for women who love the outdoors and have a sporty personality. It has a distinctive smell of grass, juniper, pine or herbs.


                                                    GUIDE TO SELECTION

  • Selecting the type : With so many different types of fragrances on the shelf, you are bound to get confused . The above mentioned types of fragrances will definitely help you choose!
  • Dont get carried away with brands. Keep in mind your budget and your likes . Sometimes, the most expensive of brands can turn out to be a disaster.
  • Don't try too many fragrances at the same time. Chances  are, that they might get mixed up and not give you their right scent .
  • Interact with your salesperson, let them know what exactly it is that u need. Fragrance experts have adequate knowledge and are definitely helpful.
  • Perfumes smell different on paper and on skin . After you've chosen a fragrance , dab a little bit of it on the corner of your wrists, ti get the original scent.

                                                LONGLASTING  FRAGRANCE

Pulse points on your body are the best places to apply the fragrance! Squirting a liitle on the back of your wrists, in your cleavage and at the back of youre ears are some of the areas of usage. Try using a bathing soap or a moisturiser , the aroma of which matches the scent of your chosen fragrance. This would make the fragrance stay on your body for a longer time than usual .

I hope  this helped  :) Look beautiful , Smell beautiful !!

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