Monday, 28 May 2012

What does your handbag say about you ?


More so than clothing, your handbag is a reflection of your personality and the key to your real self. It’s not just the type or style of bag you carry around, but also its brand, material and distinguishing features that shout out to everyone.

  • Backpacks

Backpacks are for the more practical and hands on person. She is genuine and always prepared and ready. Rather than caring about looks and what others think about her appearance, she focuses on efficiency and functionality. This is in contrast to the clutch carrier.
                           aldo green, blue and white stripe backpackasos red tribal print and leather straps backpack

  • Clutch Handbag

A woman with a clutch only carries the most important things she needs. She holds on to her favourites; she doesn’t want to carry all her possessions with her and feels confident with what she has and who she is. Usually ladies with clutches are quite outgoing and aren’t afraid to ask friends or companions to hold things for them.
                          rebecca minkoff neon yellow and tan clutch handbagmaison de posh blue envelope clutch handbag with butterfly detail

  • Oversized/ Tote Handbag

A woman seen with an oversized or tote bag is easy going, fun loving and simple. There’s no need to spend lots of money on designer bags and once again, they don’t focus on appearance so much. Instead, they like to be practical and prepared. Carrying an oversized or tote bag also says that you’re a busy bee, always dashing around and occupied.
                                  hermes blue leather handbag with pink detailsbottega veneta orange woven oversized handbag

  • Shoulder Handbag

The black leather ‘under the arm’ bag often marks a woman as elegant, high class and sophisticated. These bags are relatively small and branded to maximise efficiency but also classy enough to show status and wealth. The ‘under the arm’ bag is often matched with a pencil skirt, a crisp shirt, blazer and high heels – the whole outfit screams out business woman all over.
                              2b brown leather shoulder handbagysl purple mauve leather shoulder handbag

  • Knit Handbags

Knit bags are much to the opposite. A woman with a knit bag is seen as a warm and friendly person. She loves to have fun and gives off a slightly arty vibe. A creative, original and fun person to hang around with.
                             kate spade brown woven handbag with red detailsmissoni black and white crochet handbag with brown leather straps

  • Chain Accessories Handbag

Handbags with metal or chain accessories are the definition of rebellious. They signal someone who is different, someone who would rather stand out than fit in. They are attention seekers and aren’t afraid to display their values.
                               nine west tan and mint green leather mini handbag with gold chain handlemulberry green leather shoulder handbag with chain handles

  • Sequins/ Sparkly Handbag

The complete ‘centre of attention’ personality is defined by the sequined or sparkly handbag. The owners themselves are outgoing and social, proud to be different. Their bags too seem to shout out ‘look at me,’ particularly when the colours are almost blinding to look at.
fendi gold sequins sparkle handbagjimmy choo gold glitter handbag

  • Neutral Handbag

Neutral coloured handbags suggest that you are kind, friendly and approachable. They give off a comfortable, gentle vibe and define you as the willing to help out sort of person. Quiet and almost in the background but nice to hang out with all the same. Pale, girlish colours such as rose pink, lilac, mauve and light blue seem to hint a calm and soft personality. These colours usually appeal to younger women and represent youth and freshness.
                             michael kors brown leather handbagjuicy couture beige handbag

  • Satchel Handbag

A lady that carries the satchel style handbag is the perfect definition of a soft yet firm person. She gives out warm and friendly vibes yet she’s firm enough as to not be taken advantage of. Satchel ladies love to accessorise with the occasional scarf or bangle, but still travel light because there is no room for unnecessary pieces in this bag. Their life is on the go and they know exactly what they want.
blue and white nautical tripe satchel handbag with brown leather handlesproenza schoulder coral leather satchel handbag

  • Bowling Handbag

The bowling bag is for those who spend every day out having lunch with their friends, at meetings, on picnics and a movie at the theatre.
                       debenhams purple patent leather bowling handbagburberry black and tan bowling handbag

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