Saturday, 5 May 2012

Luscious lips !

Hello  !  You can get the perfect look for your lips by using the right products  (keep a lookout for the products available on , tools and techniques. Follow these tips to get the perfect pout .

EXFOLIATE your lips. Get rid os the fryness, rub a damp wash cloth over them , this woould help reduce the dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother lips.

STAY MOISTURISED throughout the day . The heat in the summer can take away all the moisture and cause the lips to dry yp pretty quicly. Avoid licking your lips too often, it makes them dry up even quicker.
Use lip balms or lip vaseline instead !

                                                             MAKEUP TIPS

1) Don't use a  lip liner and draw outside your lips , it only makes your lips look fake.

2) Use a lighter shade of lipstick to make your lips look bigger.

3) Apply liner in a color that matches your naturallip tone and fill in your lips completely. This will help keep your lipstick, stain gloss in place.

4) After applying the lipstain , use a  gloss in the middle of your lips, smack and spread the gloss. The gloss reflects light to make your lips appear fuller.

Try these tips! they will surely work :)

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