Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sandalwood soap , refreshes your skin!


Our skin suffers a lot in this scorching heat and facials do NOT help! Your face seems to appear dull and worn out , which is exactly what you don't want . Well, refresh your skin and rejuvenate it, your face deserves it for fighting the summer everyday!

We have a solution for you . This will definitely give your skina new life. Sandalwood soap ! It has been in use for centuries and we're sure that if you ask your grandmoms about it, they will surey know! It has a lot of advantages of it's own and believe us, once you start using this, you will never go for a facial. Let's tell you a bit about our lovely sandalwood soap :)

The aroma of the sandalwood soap is bright, spicy , woody , which promotes relaxation in the body and this is the reason why it is so extensively used in aromatherapy settings.It's antiseptic properties help trating acne, razor burns, rashes and also helps eliminate blackheads! It's like a home made facial product, no need to get those chemicals on your face ! Treat all your facial problems the ayurvedic way :)

It had some more advantages too .Washing feet affected by ringworm or athlete's foot with a sandalwood soap can help eliminate the fungal infection. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of sandalwood oils are largely due to the presence of a chemical compound called Beta-Santalol, which also contributes to the characteristic woody aroma of sandalwood oil.

So , ladies, no need for anymore facials in the crowded parlours , just get a sandalwood soap for your regular soap. It'll do wonders! :)


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