Friday, 31 August 2012

Don't toss those Tights !


 Shopping is a fashionista’s favorite sport, so it helps to keep your eyes and ears peeled for ways to stretch your fashion money. Here's   a very cool way to give a fashion item that may be on its last leg a few more laps around the block.

 Take a pair of tights that have holes in them and make socks...

  1. You can wear them with peep toe shoes and booties to add a pop of color, and they are perfect for the socks-with-sandals trend that has been popping up on the fashion scene.
  2. This idea can also help you break out any open-toed shoes that otherwise might be too chilly to wear right now.

Talking of the chill, your lips might get dried up too often...or some people have perpetually dry lips, irrespective of the weather...well, here's a tip for you too..

  • Butter Lip Balm. It is in a bigger tube than most chapsticks. Give it a try; you can probably buy it at your local drugstore for only about a buck a tube. You can’t beat that. . It is a must for everyone’s pocket or purse.

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