Thursday, 9 August 2012

Makeup Refreshers!


Tired of your daily makeup routines ? Bored of  using the same colours on your face ? Well, let;s go for a change and modify our makeup sessions a bit...wont take much long, all you need is a minute ;)

Colour Purple!

We all know that mascara is the secret to instantly playing up your eyes, but who says it always has to be black? Try painting your lashes blue to spice things up, or if you’re feeling super-daring, go for purple (looks great on hazel eyes) or even green (for brown or blue eyes)!

Just Peachy  

Switching up your lip color is an easy way to transition your summer beauty look into fall. This season, orange is the new pink, so trade in your rosy-hued gloss for a subtle peach or coral shade. Or, if you’re a fan of bold lips, try a bright tangerine lipstick for a pop of standout color.

White Out  

White eyeliner is the beauty world’s best-kept secret. Take a break from your signature smoky eye and use white eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes, and along the water line, to make your eyes look instantly bigger and brighter!

Pass the Highlighter 

Waking up for school can be rough. Fake a fresh-faced look even if you’ve been up all night cramming for a test by using a shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones. This is a quick way to get a natural girly glow. Tip: Make sure to smile so you can locate the apples of your cheeks, then apply the shimmer in a downward slant right above them, to create the illusion of higher cheekbones.

All Day Color   

Tired of reapplying your lip-gloss after every class? Try out a fun lip stain in a berry or red shade and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect, lasting pout! Stains can last up to hours, while glosses can fade after eating and drinking. To apply it smoothly, line and fill in your lips with a lip liner in a similar color, then apply stain on top with a lip brush.

Wing Woman 

Leave your basic pencils in the classroom and try out liquid eyeliner to liven up your look. Liquid liners or brushes dipped in gel liner glide on much smoother than the kind you have to sharpen, and the result is more pronounced. If you usually stop your line at the end of your eye, tip the liner upward and extend it out into a slight wingtip—this shape is extra flirty and only takes a minute to complete.

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