Friday, 31 August 2012

Recycling - in Style ;)


You’d be surprised how much stuff you waste on a daily basis. Recycling is about much more than taking cans to a community center or putting paper in the right slot at work. We waste an outrageous amount of food, fabric, furniture, and other items every day. However, there are many ways to not only take care of the environment, but have some fun, save money, and be creative, too!

Consider these options next time you’re looking to make a bit of a difference in the world.

  • Bottle or Chip Clip? Cut off the domed portion of an empty plastic bottle to create an innovative chip clip. Instead of clipping, simply fit the bag through the hole in the plastic and screw on the lid over the plastic. Different colored tops can give your staples a cute new look in a bowl on your counter.

  • Bread Tab or Label? When you finish a loaf of bread, save the tab that allows you to twist the bag shut. After collecting a few, these can be fun new labels. For instance, attach them to the cables behind your TV to keep your connections straight, or hang them on hooks by your mailbox to show whose is whose.

  • Flavored Ice Cubes – This can be a great way to save drinks that are flat or in excess, or just a great way to plan a picnic. Making ice cubes out of something like orange juice, pop, or anything flavored really is a great way to spice up drinks at any gathering, and also looks really cool!

  • Wine Bottle or Mood Lighting – Use old wine and liquor bottles as mood lighting by filling them with Christmas lights. Experiment with different colored bottles and lights; it can be very subtle or a flashy new conversation piece.

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