Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cleaning up that Closet !


All of us ,, at one poiint or anither have looked inside our closet and realised how over filled it is!
Yes, it's true that we keep dumping the clothes in  , filling it till the brim and then comes a day whe n you sit down and think to yourself "i don;t really have anything to wear! "
 And you go out to shopsome more.. ;)

Well, If you’re gearing up to do some shopping and need a little bit of “rationalization” to get you out the door or ease your buyer’s remorse, you can always do some spring cleaning to make room for your new fashions.
Even if you’re not ready to shop, there is nothing wrong with getting a little more organized. You can adapt these questions to fit your needs, but try to be honest. You may be surprised at the pile of things just sitting in your closet at the end; think of all of that free space you can fill up.

Here are the three factors which will definitely help you decide which clothes are to be thrown away or given out to the needy :) and yes, doing charity is a great way to lighten your closet :)

  • Do I love it? Even if it’s not the latest fashion, you may love it. Is it a favorite, a signature piece, or maybe a beloved hand-me-down?

  • Do I need it? Do you really need eight pairs of skinny jeans? Will you be lost without it? Is it functional? Fit? When was the last time you wore it?

  • Does it make me money? Could you consign it or sell it yourself? Is this a go-to, never-fail piece? This could pertain to an interview suit that might not get worn often, but will take you to an interview in style.

So, think and decide for yourself, clean up that closet ladies, make room for some clothes  now :)

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