Sunday, 19 August 2012

Glimmering eyes !


Every season brings in a different make up trend. This season the trend though is simple and refined, but the theme is to experiment and go wild and crazy. The look should be simple yet add a dash of attractive colour and create magic

Glimmer Twins

There's nothing prettier than the subtle, satiny sheen of a glossy eye shadow. Applied delicately across the eyelid, it's an understated glow that gives you a luminous and fresh look. You can wear these alone or layered for a little extra shimmer.

On The Eyelid 


  •  To use loose glitter as an eyeshadow, you will first need to apply a cream eyeshadow as a base so the glitter has something to stick onto.

  • Next, wet an eyeshadow brush with a Mixing Medium and dip into the glitter. Press or pat the glitter onto your eyelid until you have achieved the look you want.

  • Never try to blend or the glitter will fall off.

  • Finish with liner and mascara. Clean up any fallouts with a fan brush or scotch tape

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