Thursday, 16 August 2012

What are wardrobe essentials ?


This page will give you a detailed checklist of the wardrobe basics any woman should own - giving you an overview of what clothes and accessories you need to solidify your closet.
So how do you know if your wardrobe lack the essentials?

Here are the common tell-tale signs:

  • You feel like you have nothing to wear despite your stuffed wardrobe
  • You tend to buy a lot of new clothes and accessories to keep your style going
  • When putting together an outfit, you may feel that there's something missing

If you found one or more of those points familiar, then your wardrobe really needs a reality check with some trend-proofing!

You can never have too many wardrobe staples. Securing several of each is convenient for warding off laundry days!
  • Trend proof - you can wear them on all occasions without sacrificing style
  • Flexible - you can change the whole look of it by adding a couple of accessories
  • Your wardrobe foundation - without them you'll end up feeling like your style is 'crippled'. It's like not having underwear which is essential, right?
  • Style savers - use them to tone down a dressy or an overly trendy outfit.
  • Outfit multipliers - with for example 12 basic garments you can create up to 80 outfits! (This is called 'wardrobe capsule')


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