Friday, 24 August 2012

Wacky Beauty Facts!

Here are some crazy beauty facts for you , they do sound freaky but they WORK! try them out, and see it for yourself!


Milk & Honey Bath

woman in bath tub filled with milk
Lactic acid, found in milk, is a natural skin-softener, said Darrell McCurtain, a therapist at the Golden Door Spa. If filling an entire tub feels too indulgent, try using a small basin to soak feet or hands, or add a few cups to your bath water. Throw in a few teaspoons of honey to capture its anti-bacterial effect.

glass of red wine standing alone

Red Wine 
We cheered the news that red wine is good for our health, and McCurtain told us it's fab for your skin, too! "The antioxidants and polyphenols found in wine are good for softening skin, and they're easily absorbed through through it as well." Similar to the milk bath, fill your whole tub if you're feeling luxe (or lush), or try in smaller doses like a foot or hand soak.


mens boxers on a clothes line

Curly-haired ladies should borrow a (clean!) pair of their man's boxers to dry their locks, since a towel's fibers can actually increase frizziness. Simple cotton is far less agitating.


leafy green salad with fork

Lettuce & Spinach  
Fight wrinkles and keep hair and nails healthy by fortifying your diet with lots of silicone-rich foods, Smart buys include Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, and tomatoes (including the skin).


Lemon juice combined with tea is an easy fix for oily hair. "The lemon works as a great astringent but doesn't ruin the pH balance of the hair and scalp. Do half lemon juice, half black tea and rinse through clean hair.


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