Thursday, 16 August 2012

Essential Shapewear!


If you don't have at least one shapewear lying around in your drawer then you obviously don't know how amazing body shapers are! That, or maybe you have a perfect body?

Body shapers smooth over your lumps and bumps (muffin top, anyone?) and can take inches off your body figure in an instant! Perhaps you gained some weight around the belly over the Holidays or after pregnancy and want so-badly to fit in one of your skinny jeans or fitted dresses again? Well, a shapewear is your solution!  If you want to wear it often then we recommend buying them in both dark and light neutrals - which work for your light and dark clothes!

Essential Shapewear - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Panty Girdles

    Perfect with your pants and when you want to let your legs move freely. If you want to wear shapewear on a daily basis I recommend you to invest in shapewear hosiery. It's basically pantyhose or tights which trims the area from your tummy down to your legs - and can be worn with your dresses and skirts.

    Skirt Slip

    This is ideal with you skirts and dresses - eliminating your muffin top and smoothing out your hips and thighs. If you're a dress-gal then you may want to add a shapewear dress or full body shaper with legs.

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