Monday, 27 August 2012

Get Straight Hair - Make them Stay ;)


Kiss those summer beach waves goodbye—straight hair is having a major moment this fall. But before you fry your ends with a flat iron, know that there’s a better way to get sleek strands with less damage. Here are some quick tips to save you time, energy and split ends.

The Blow Dyer — Your New BFF
With the right products and tools, you won’t need to flat iron after you blow dry–which means you’ll cut the amount of time you expose strands to heat.
Prep damp hair with a Straight Blow Dry  ,  which has a gel-like consistency that helps loosen your hair’s natural curves.

Add an anti-frizz serum, if your texture is coarse or prone to flyaways. And be thorough: “Frizz can be reduced by making sure the hair is completely dry before leaving the house.

If you’re going for a pin-straight look, use a flat brush to blow out hair. Want a little movement and volume? Opt for a round brush. The bigger the brush, the bouncier the blowout.

Finish off with hairspray,which has a blend of honeysuckle and lychee to resist humidity and keep locks sleek.
Enjoy Straight Strands For Days
  • Now that you’ve got those straight locks, focus on making them last—after all, fewer blowouts means less damage in the long run. Swap your daily moisture-stripping wash for dry shampoo.
  • To prevent frizz and static during sleep hours, switch to a silk pillowcase. Silk prevents split ends, doesn’t tangle hair like cotton (cotton actually tugs at individual strands, causing breakage), and even helps reduce the production of sebum, decreasing the chance of greasy hair.

  • And most importantly, hands off. “Avoid touching your hair frequently, as that can create friction.


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