Monday, 6 August 2012

Nails for the Corporates ;)


Picking a polish color for your manicure can sometimes feel like a guessing game, especially if you work in a conservative environment. Pinks and reds can be ho-hum, but should you toe the wild-color line if it could mean sideways glances and a terse email from HR? Don't bite your nails over it anymore (especially if you just got them done!). We've rounded up some colors that are work-appropriate but still have tons of personality. Whether you're at a board meeting or a barbecue, these hues will get the good kind of attention.

Baby Blues 

Muted pastels are work-appropriate, so why not try a fun color? baby, powder-blue shade with enough personality to work on your days off, too.

Orange You Glad 

While neon orange may be perfect for a weekend party, it could earn you some serious demerits at work. But don't disqualify this bright color. Pick an orange that's cut with a coral, to wear the color in a more subtle way.

Keep It Classy

Red is a classic nail color and an old standby in the workplace. Pick a deeper hue  to give your nails a bit more panache.

Naturally So

Just because you need to stick to neutrals doesn't mean they have to be boring. a cool khaki color that's also cocktail-party-perfect is a great way to go natural!

Lucky You 

A bright pink can work at work, especially if you're in a creative field. It's a  punch without being overly showy.

In the Navy 

Navy blue is one of those colors that works with everything but tends to get overlooked. Paint your nails with navy for a look that's charming and corporate-friendly. 

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