Sunday, 12 August 2012

Get this peachy look - at home! :)

Hannah SimoneHello!!

This look is perfect for a summer date as there's a bit of drama in the eye but it's dressed down by her perfect peachy toned lip.

How to get it at home:

1. Start by applying a lightweight foundation that has buildable coverage. Something that goes on with a very smooth, light texture but allows for up-to-full coverage with enough building.

  • You want as perfect skin as you can get with this look without venturing into mask territory.

  • Really work the product into your skin because it's a main feature in this look.

2. Get a smooth, even base for your eyes with a cream shadow product, in whichever color is just a shade lighter than your skin.
  • Apply it all over the lid, into the inner corner, and under the lower lash line, blending well, for an even and highlighted base.

3. Next, take a liner or shadow pencil,  and carefully apply your liner making it quite thin by the inner corner, and blended out towards the outer corner with a small flick. Apply a very small amount just at the outer fifth of the lower lash line and line the upper waterline, too.

4. Hannah's lashes are quite spidery so look into individual lashes or one of the lash extension products, The most common complaint about these systems is that the result is quite spidery but that's perfect for this look where you want separated lashes. Finish off your look with a creamy peachy-pink lipstick.

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