Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dealing with the "Cleavage Sweat"


As soon as August comes, we do tend to sweat a lot more than usual , well , Blame the weather all  you want but you do gotta take care of that sweat , and try avoid it as much as you can , because let's face it , it IS a turn off ! Especially the "cleavage sweat", as we call it, can look really bad !

1. Wear Black: The sweat just blends into the darkness. As for white, well, you know what happens to it when it gets wet.

2. Fabric Of Our Lives: Sure, cotton is the most breathable, but a good thin polyester vintage dress will never ever show sweat. . Be sure to avoid silk, satin, and other materials that soak it all in and leave a ring when they dry.

3. Clingy nomore : Don’t wear skin-tight spandex stuff., if you stick to no-cling, flowy tops, the material won’t get stuck to your skin.

4. Cut And Print: In addition to going a little boho in the cut, you should also pick a bold, colorful print. The sweat around the chest just blends into a nice, bright, rainbow, large-sized floral, for example.

5. Stand Up: Cleavage  sweat is bad enough when it’s on your chest, but if you slouch,  well, it’ll slip down your stomach making a bad situation worse. So, pretend you’re back in ballet class and keep your posture ladylike.

6. Padded Bra: A thick bra has got built-in sponges, but they’re hard to wear in this kind of humidity ! So, try and avoid them even you want to stay clear off the irritation .

7. Hanky Panky: . Simply tuck the tissue under your bust  and slip it out when you get into the air conditioning. The hanky will absorb the problem without creating an embarrassing one. Well, that is the tissue should go completely unnoticed.

8. Powder Your cleavage : Oddly enough, baby powder can really do the trick in a sticky situation. Plus, it feels nice and smells good.. Be careful not to overdo it, or it’ll get clumpy.

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