Thursday, 16 August 2012

Planning your outfit !


PLanning your outfit can be a bit too much to work out at times , but here's a tip for you. You can plan your outfit around a centerpiece.
Build an outfit with key item
It can be anything - such as a pair of foxy bright colored shoes; a piece of statement jewelry; print scarf; a frilly and cute blouse, etc.
Challenge yourself and build an outfit around your fashion fetishes; anything you love and have many of and something that oozes 'you'-factor.

It's also a lot about putting on clothes that you feel like wearing and would love to express yourself in. So if you're dying to show off a pair of new stunning shoes then do it and build an outfit around them and bring them to people's attention.

How to Build Around Your Key Item

Take a look around in your wardrobe and drawers. Is there anything that complements your item? Do you have any accessories that go well with this sweater/dress/pants/etc.? Put them on and continue adding pieces that go great with your ensemble.
    Tip: If you want the item to really pop out, pair it with something solid colored. Like if you want people to immediately notice a pair of red gladiator high heel shoes, wear a black dress or jumpsuit.

If you're clueless on what works together, check out my suggestions from idea 1. Or you can just randomly try wearing the garments and combinations.
In this way you're much likely to come across something original!

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